Full Product Range
Our complete range of equine dentistry tools
Blades and Floats
Full Product Range
Our complete range of equine dentistry tools
Blades and Floats

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Since 2001 we've been proudly designing, manufacturing and supplying the globe’s finest quality equine dental tools and equipment.

Blades and Floats


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For over 20 years, we’ve led the way in the manufacture and supply of superior quality equine dental instruments and equipment.

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Customer love

We take pride in our quality and service

Just wanted to let you know your dental tools have been successfully delivered to India and the Camel Rescue Center are over the moon with what they received from you. Thank you again for your very kind donation of tools to help Working camels in India- it is very appreciated. 

- Janet Thomas, Founder, Animal Aid Abroad

I am writing on behalf of the University of Melbourne Gili Veterinary Team to thank The Edge Equine for the superb tools provided to the Gili Island Ponies. Thank you for your generous support of the ponies and our team. 

- Charles El-Hage, Thierry Beths, Kate Tasker, Olivia Sullivan, Katelin McLarney, Holly Lambert, Sanjana Aswani and Jessica Notohamiprodjo.

I have bought floats and blades from just about every Equine Dentistry manufacturer from around the globe.

The day I used my first Edge  hand float and blades, all the other floats that I own and even new blades were put into the
cupboard and never used again.

Service is quick and very professional. Overseas orders
arrive in a couple of days. 

In my opinion, there is no comparison of the quality
and ease of use of the The Edge hand floats. 

Simply the best!

- Graeme Martin, Certified Equine Dental Technician

Having one of Australia’s largest equine dental practices, I have tried many different suppliers of blades and floats. I find The Edge products to be as good, if not better, than any other product on the market. I have used them for the last 18 years and I find the consistency in performance, the convenience of no regrinds, their low profile, and their lighter weight to be a great advantage.

- Peter Beck, Equine Dentist, founding member of the EDAA (Equine Dental Association of Australia inc)

I have been impressed by these blades since I began using them back in 2004. Being disposable, you simply throw them out once they become blunt. New blades arrive promptly so you don’t have to wait 2-3 weeks for your blades to get resharpened. They are sharp and cut easily with minimal effort. Being more compact with a low profile, they are well tolerated by horses, especially when floating the upper 10s and 11s. I have no hesitation in recommending The Edge blades to veterinary surgeons and dental technicians.

- Gary Lai, BVSc MRCVS, Sydney Equine Dentistry

My practice would not be the professional service l’m able to deliver to the equine community without the backup, support, and amazing state of the art equine dental equipment that The Edge Equine introduced to me over 12 years ago.

Amazing staff that never fail to go out of their way to ensure my practice runs smoothly.

Thank you to everyone at The Edge Equine in Bendigo.

- Heather Bain

Awesome service!

- Gary Waters, Equine Dentist

Great service, speedy delivery and fantastic quality of tools.

- Nicola McDonald, Performance Dentistry NZ (Equine Dentistry)

I have been using The Edge Equine for a lot of my equipment since I set up my Veterinary Equine Dentistry practice 10 years ago. I have found their products to be of good quality and excellent value but most important to me is their customer service. Products are dispatched rapidly and equipment returned from service super quickly which means less down time and more peace of mind.

- Dr. Martin Dolinschek, BSc BVMS ANZCVSc (Equine Dentistry), WA Veterinary Equine Dentistry Pty Ltd

What do vets want? Let's face it we have pretty simple needs …

SERVICE - Good quality products designed to do the job consistently and effectively.

FAST RESPONSE - So we can get back to work quickly when our toys need to be serviced / repaired / replaced.

CONFIDENCE - in any servicing / repairs. 

VALUE FOR MONEY - With The Edge Equine you get all of this, no question, and always with a smile. 

The TEAM at The Edge Equine are always friendly and as keen to get you back to work as your boss!!

- Rachel Stone, BVSc, Cert ESM, MANZCVSc [Equine Dentistry], Professional Equine Services

We use only the finest materials and craftsmanship in our products, and it shows!

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