Our brilliant team can custom manufacture hand floats to your exact specifications. We can either alter hand floats among our existing range or start from scratch and build you the exact float you need. Customisation may include shortening or lengthening your float shaft, changing the degree of angle on the head, changing the head size or simply changing the hand grip to one from our extensive range below which may suit you better. We can also alter your existing floats!

You may already have a set of great hand floats however you’re probably wishing they were in our slimline range (most do). We can change those too!

This is a really easy process. Simply send your tools to us and we'll change the heads over for a very small fee. Not only will your tools be as strong and resilient as before, but you'll be hard pressed to see any join. All in all, this is quite a speedy job so we'll be sure to return your tools to you swiftly.

However, if you can’t find the float you want amongst our product range, and you're really wanting your own custom hand float, we’re happy to build it for you.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you for all your equine dental needs. Download our custom tooling form and return via email. For more information, or to discuss options, contact us on 03 5449 3802.

Hand Grip Options

All dental hand floats manufactured by The Edge Equine are fitted with our standard hand grip unless otherwise requested. However, we appreciate that this can be a personal choice as what works for one may not work for another. As such, we have several other hand grip options available. Scroll down to see our range of grips.

Please consult with us on suitability when ordering floats with optional handle grips.

Standard Grip

Fitted to all our hand floats unless requested otherwise

Price $6.00 (for replacement grips)

Measures 140 x 30mm


Trigger Grip

Used on the pull. Helps alleviate fatigue by reducing tension on the wrist and using leverage from trigger finger. Suitable only for 9.53mm (3/8") shaft

Measures 157 x 30mm

Price $18.15

Product Code TEE-HAN-SPT

Pistol Grip

Sturdy, simple and comfortable to use

Price $29.45

Product Code TEE-HAN-PG

SA Grip

Lightweight yet solid grip with grooves

Measures 130 x 40mm

Price $24.40

Product Code TEE-HAN-SA

PL Grip

Very similar to the SA grip but 20mm longer

Measures 150 x 40mm

Price $24.75

Product Code TEE-HAN-PL

Ergo Grip

Ergonomically designed rubber coated grip. Suitable only for 9.53mm (3/8") shaft

Price $30.70

Product Code TEE-HAN-ERGO

Rubber Grip

Tapered, soft grip, non-slip, easy to clean

Price $20.15

Product Code TEE-HAN-ALB

BK Grip

Comfortable, non slip grip which is practical for all tools. Outer rubber grip can be customised as required

Measures 140 x 35mm

Price $28.40

Product Code TEE-HAN-BK

DU Grip

Good sturdy hand grip

Fine knurling to maximise grip

13cm x  3.5cm (narrowest point)