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The ECOMAK system is a cost-effective solution developed for starter / occasional practitioners, or those looking for a spare back up motor, and has been developed to allow the practitioner to do as much or as little as they want in terms of repairs and servicing.

The systems support the use of the revolutionary lightweight DYNAMIC handpieces.

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ECOMAK Base Kit - No Handpiece
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ECOMAK Kit with Dynamic Disc Handpiece
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Diverse Handpiece, Curved
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Diverse Handpiece, Straight
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DYNAMIC Disc Handpiece, Curved
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Disc Handpiece, Straight
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DYNAMIC / ECOMAK Complete Drive Cable 120cm, Heavy Duty 6mm
  • $420.03
DYNAMIC Disc Removal Tool
  • $78.67
Gift Card
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