About Us

The Edge Equine is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality equine dental equipment available in the world today. With our state-of-the-art workshop and expert manufacturing team, we strive towards excellence in bringing our customers the latest and greatest in equine dentistry equipment.

Established in 2001, we now enjoy a wonderful worldwide reputation with distributors in the UK / Europe, USA, New Zealand, and numerous end users in countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Singapore and many more.

We’ve attained this enviable position by remaining open and always available to our end users, thereby helping to develop and bring to life ideas and needs that can make this physically demanding job a little easier and a lot more efficient. A direct result of this has been our innovative range of disposable dental rasps and low-profile dental floats, the first of their kind available in the world.

Made from a solid tile of premium quality sub-micron tungsten carbide, our rasps are available in five unique rasp patterns, cut to absolute precision in our Australian workshop. Quality and superior workmanship are also reflected in our range of hand floats, elevators and speculums, all crafted from the highest quality stainless steel on the market today.

As part of our commitment to ongoing quality and customer satisfaction, we are continually investing in state-of-the-art machinery to bring our range of tools to the next level. Our workshop houses CNC Grinding Machines, Lathes, Mills, a Centrifugal Polishing Machine and more recently, a Fibre Laser Engraver. We strive to excel in our customer’s expectations and the quality of the tools we manufacture here in our facility. Exciting and busy times here at The Edge Equine!

We’re proud to admit that we’re not only an Australian company, we’re a net exporter of equine dental equipment around the world. We’re also honoured to be associated with our global partners MAI Animal Health, HDE, and EBD who bring some of the world’s best technologies in equine dental equipment to Australia through The Edge Equine.

For over 20 years now, we’ve introduced to the Australian veterinary market, new and exciting equipment previously not available in Australia. We’re committed to paving the way towards the future as we continue to travel the world and have a proactive involvement in international veterinary conferences, training, and educational workshops.

Our product range is rapidly expanding with new products constantly being sourced and developed. We’re continually updating our product catalogue and our website, endeavouring to keep you informed with what’s new in the world of equine dentistry tools and equipment.

If you happen to be visiting our area, we invite you to drop in and see our showroom in Bendigo and view the full range of equine dentistry tools on hand.

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