Animal Aid Abroad

Every day, thousands of animals are overworked, abused, and injured through inhumane hard labour. Animal Aid Abroad envision a world where every working animal lives a life free from suffering, and is treated with respect and compassion. To do this, they partner with local organisations and work alongside them to improve the working and living conditions of bullocks, donkeys, horses, camels, and more. AAA contribute to bettering animal’s lives in four different ways: Treat ... Equip ... Educate ... Rescue Visit Website

Animal Aid Abroad  Animal Aid Abroad

Friendicoes SECA

Sometime in the 1970’s a group of school kids got together and started a kindness club for distressed stray animals under the Defence Colony flyover. The space was provided for by the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi’s regime. It was a small set up with just 2 rooms and a handful of animals. But in no time the shelter grew by leaps and bounds and in April 1979 it was registered as a society and Friendicoes SECA came into existence. ...Tripling in size since 1979, Frendicoes uses their Mobile Equine Ambulance to treat equines in and around Delhi. The Equine Team have over 2,500 working equines in their care. AAA supports Friendicoes mobile equine clinic, para-vet equine program and sanctuary where many rescued equines live. Visit Website.


Gili Eco-Trust

Many working horses in the Gilis’ suffer from neglect, and their basic needs are ignored. The horses here have a much shorter lifespan due to the unfair demands put on them — Gili Eco-Trust combats this with treatment and care for these equines in trusted vet clinics. AAA helps support this vital program. Visit Website.


Prince Fluffy Kareem

PFK, a UK-registered charity, is a small group of people dedicated to improving conditions for the pyramid horses in Cairo, Egypt. Working horses in this area are used to take tourists and local Egyptians on rides around the pyramids and surrounding desert. Poverty, little knowledge of equines, widespread equine babesiosis and expensive roughage, results in inadequate conditions for working animals. Worst cases, such as horses with severe laminitis, acute babesiosis or jaundice, serious injuries or very emaciated horses are taken in for fostering. Fostering allows horses to stay in PFK's stables, eat, rest and get daily medical treatment, all free of charge. PFK holds clinics in cooperation with local vets, where horses, camels and donkeys receive treatment, also free of charge. Visit Website.


Help in Suffering in Jaipur, India / Camel Rescue Centre

Camels are used to pull carts in and around Jaipur. They are often owned by poor families from marginalised sections of society. Locally there are few veterinary services available to the camels and their owners. The Jaipur Camel Project was set up in 2001 to address these problems. With a specially designed mobile clinic the camel team, headed by Dr Abhinav Swami, visit areas across the city where camels and their owners commonly gather for work. The Project treats over 200 camels during routine visits and may attend 15-20 emergency cases every month. Visit Website.

Animal Aid Abroad   

Tanzania Humane Charity (Tahucha)

Even though they’re small, Tanzania Humane Charity is making a big difference in their local community. They are dedicated to improving animal welfare in Tanzania and collaborate with a range of organisations to reach as many animals as possible. Visit Tanzania Humane Charity on facebook