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Our Dynamic Kits are designed for every equine dental practitioner, from the occasional user to the full-time equine dental provider, and are now available with the motor either attached to a belt for flexibility and ease of movement, or attached to a bracket and can be hung up when working in clinics or stocks.

The Dynamic System has been developed to allow the practitioner to do as much or as little as they want in terms of repairs and servicing.

The Dynamic handpieces have been designed to be lightweight whilst providing longer lasting heads between servicing.

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Dynamic Hanging Motor Disc Kit
  • $7,138.25
  • $6,781.34


  • $7,027.68
  • $6,676.30
DYNAMIC / ECOMAK Complete Drive Cable 120cm, Heavy Duty 6mm
  • $420.03
DYNAMIC Diverse Handpiece, Curved
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Diverse Handpiece, Straight
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Disc Handpiece, Curved
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Disc Handpiece, Straight
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Drum Handpiece
  • $0.00
DYNAMIC Incisor Short Grip Handpiece
  • $0.00
Replacement Diamond Disc (for DYNAMIC DISC Handpiece)
  • $232.74


DYNAMIC Magnetic Speculum Light
  • $572.62
  • $543.99
DYNAMIC Applecore Burr (for Diverse Handpiece)
  • From $211.58
DYNAMIC Buccal Burr
  • $243.32
DYNAMIC Medium Squat Burr with Canine End (for Diverse Handpiece)
  • $211.58
DYNAMIC Short Wide Diastema Burr (for Diverse Handpiece)
  • $201.00
DYNAMIC Short Extra Slim Diastema Burr (for Diverse Handpiece)
  • $201.00
DYNAMIC Slim Diastema Burr (for Diverse Handpiece)
  • $201.00
  • $51.70