Advanced Oral Techniques for the Horse (USA) - NEW virtual dental seminar

Join us for our NEW virtual dental seminar with 3 of the leading equine dental specialists! This course is RACE approved for 10 CE credits.

Course Objectives ...

The course is designed for Equine Practitioners to expand their knowledge in equine dental techniques. In addition, the practitioner will learn new techniques for floating procedures and will gain knowledge to proceed into advanced dental procedures.

What Subjects are Covered in this Course?

• Dental & oral anatomy

• Oral exam & charting

• Functional odontoplasty

• Obtaining diagnostic films

• Radiography

• Anatomy of the head

• Endoscopy of the nasal compartments

• Understanding regional anesthesia

• Difference between periodontal & endodontic disease

• Basic extraction techniques (straight forward cheek teeth, incisors/canines)

• Floating & occlusal adjustment

• Equine nasal discharge

Instructors ...

Travis Henry, DVM, DAVDC, DAVDC/Eq

Molly Rice, DVM, DAVDC/Eq

Cleet Griffin, DVM, DABVP/Eq, DAVDC/Eq

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