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We feature a unique line of disposable float blades.

Other blade manufacturers make only one style of blade and make it more or less aggressive by cutting the teeth smaller or larger to give the effect of fine, medium or coarse. On our blades, however, the angle of the cut varies to make the blade more or less aggressive. The result is a blade that cuts predictably, cleanly and smoothly from the first use right up until the last.

Milled from premium quality tungsten-carbide, available in five cutting pattern grades, three lengths and three styles within each grade, we're confident you'll find the perfect one for you.

Designed with the horse's comfort in mind, these compact blades are ideally suited to handles with low-profile box housing. Our blades don't have a backing plate which makes them lighter and thinner than traditional blades. In addition, they're disposable, making it easy to replace blunt blades and ensuring your tools perform to the highest standard.

Benefits of using The Edge Equine disposable blades:

Avoids the two-way mailing of regrinds and associated costs and time delays

Minimises the number of blades in your business (no more doubling-up of blades on hand and those away at the regrinder’s)

Avoids inconsistencies in the quality of your regrinds

Removes the weighty burden of excess carbide required for future regrinds

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