IGFP Conference 2022

11 - 12 March, 2022

Hotel Weisbaden Niedernhausen, (close to) Frankfurt / Main, Germany

3 Workshops!

  1. Diagnosis and therapy of skull fractures in horsesIn this workshop, the participants go through different stations in small groups, at which the subjects of anatomy, local and central anesthesia, examination and therapy of impression fractures on the skull, as well as incisor fractures are dealt with. Knowledge of the anatomical structures is very important in the examinations and treatment of fractures of the cerebral and facial skull, the mandible and the hyoid bone. Symptoms, examinations, findings and therapies, such as wire crashing for incisor fractures, should be practiced.
  2. IGFP Stable Workshop ... Horse dental treatment, practical stable workshop under the direction of IGFP examiners
  3. Emergency Management - What can happen before, during and after sedation and how do I react correctly? ... This workshop is intended to help you better deal with emergency situations related to dental treatment.

    The clinical examination and deviations from the norm are discussed. The individual drugs, their effects and undesirable effects are discussed and worked out what should not be missing in an emergency kit.

    The majority of the seminar deals with what can happen - acute collapse, bradycardia / arrhythmia, heavy bleeding of the palatine artery, complications with conduction anesthesia, intra-arterial injections, paravenous injections, etc. - how to react correctly and how to manage an emergency situation in the best possible way.

To find out more, go to https://www.igfp-ev.de/aktuelles/igfp-kongress-2022/workshops-und-seminare/