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ABOUT The Edge Equine ...

 At The Edge Equine, we manufacture and supply the finest quality equine dental equipment available in the world today. We also  manufacture and stock an extensive range of rasps, blades and floats, as well as many other equine dentistry products.

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Slim Line Floats

Introducing our new 

'S Series' Floats


The Benefits of 

The Edge Equine™ 

Slim Line Floats

  • Available in 7 different styles
  • Cost effective
  • Lighter in weight and lower in profile than traditional floats
  • Smaller blades which means easier maneuverability than traditional floats 



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MANFRED STOLL (Germany) Extraction Gear


The Edge Equine products are exported to over 30 countries around the globe!


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HDE Evolution

We are the only HDE Evolution Motor supplier in Australia!

The Evolution is a versatile motor that allows you to use all your favourite HDE tools any time and place you need.

Convenient and lightweight, this motor revolutionises battery operated hand equipment and completes the most versatile Equine Dental System available today!

With just a small battery which fits on a belt around your hips, this motor gives you the freedom to move and complete your work with no constraints or heavy lifting.


The Edge Equine SPECULUM


We offer the highest quality stainless steel Speculum with 4 ratchet settings. The standard mouth plate can easily be removed and interchanged with other mouth plates. The Edge Equine Speculum ratchets are not cast, but laser cut from 2205 stainless steel plate, giving you a stronger and safer ratchet system.

Superior Biothane® straps, which are proven to be strong, lightweight, flexible, easy to clean and abrasion-resistant, accompany The Edge EquineTM Speculums.

Small Animal Veterinary Products

The Edge Equine are now proud sellers of MAI Animal Health and Inovadent equipment, (Small Animal Dental Systems Manufacturers from the USA).

The Edge Equine now has a sister company,

 The Edge Veterinary Dental Products

We'll be marketing and servicing the full line of Inovadent products here in Australia and New Zealand making The Edge Australia's most comprehensive animal dental products supplier, with the most up to date equipment sourced from all over the globe.




The Benefits of The Edge Equine™ Disposable Rasps

  • Avoids the two-way mailing of regrinds and associated costs and delays 
  • Minimises the number of rasps in your business system (no more doubling-up of rasps on hand and those away at the re-grinders) 
  • Avoids inconsistencies in the quality of your regrinds
  • Removes the weighty burden of excess carbide required for future regrinds

Useful Infomation

General Care
Tungsten-carbide, when milled to a very fine point or edge, is highly susceptible to chipping if brought into abrupt contact with other hard surfaces including the very hard enamel of horses' teeth. To minimise the risk of chipping these rasps, a fluent and measured motion should be employed during the floating process. Care should also be taken when storing or transporting these rasps.

The economy of using these rasps can be somewhat enhanced by rotating the use of each rasp in other handles. Whilst it is advisable to use sharp, efficient rasps on the major portion of all molar arcades, a slightly used (or "conditioned") rasp may be preferable when shaping the foremost side facets of the first upper and lower cheek teeth.

The choice of only two lengths (40mm and 50mm) in the milled rasps is based on preferences from within the industry. It is generally considered that long rasps are harder to manoeuvre within the restricted confines of a horse's mouth and along the normal curvatures of the molar arcades. The Edge Equine do however, supply an 83mm gritted rasp that is suited to use on the upper #1,#2, and #3 cheek teeth.

Expediency and Efficiency
Using sharp, efficient tungsten-carbide rasps minimises the time and effort required to perform both routine and extraordinary dental procedures. This in turn will reduce the number of impatient or intolerant horses that would otherwise require sedation.

Also, in light of the physical and highly repetitive nature of manual floating procedures, the use of sharp, efficient tungsten-carbide rasps lessens the risks to the practitioner of repetitive strain injury (RSI) or general muscle fatigue.